School Photography

School Pictures are Treasures

School Photos are Treasures

School photographs are lifetime treasures for children and parents alike. Your child's first school photo is a memory that will last forever. We have over thirty years experience photographing school children of all ages.

What to Do to Get Your School Pictures

All Action Photo photographs interested students individually, on a pre-arranged picture dates, with packages, starting at only $10.00.  Students must purchase photographs at the time of photography.  Order forms , provided by All Action Photo, are to be given to students one week prior to picture day.  The school receives complimentary teachers photos and 2 extra 5 x 7’s of each class.

There's No Obligation

Neither students nor parents are obligated to purchase photographs.  Your school would receive complimentary copes of the class photo and each teacher.  Finished photography is delivered to your school, in approximately four weeks.

Souvenirs with school photos on them. A plaque, a magazine, etc.